Hard Drive Cash!

Do You Have Resell Rights And PLR Products
Cluttering Up Your Hard Drive...
And You Don't Know What to Do?

Why Not Turn That Stash Into Cash!

Is your hard drive overflowing with resell rights products,
master resell rights products, and maybe PLR products too --
and you haven't gotten around to turning any of it
into streams of income?

If you're fairly new to internet marketing, maybe the hold-up
has been that it seemed too complicated.

Maybe you got stuck along the line...

That's what happened with me.

I finally started working my way through my hard drive
and setting up my assorted products for sale.

And as I was doing that, I thought, hm...
Why not write a guide on how to do that --
which steps to take, in which order, and with
explanations of how to do it all...

And so here it is. It's the beta version of the guide.
I will also add some more helpful things soon,
starting with screen shots. Oh, and raise the price...

Please note that the guide focuses mainly on how to set up
your products in 1shoppingcart, but an alternative
is also included so you can set it up in PayPal directly.

Right now, you can get it for peanuts!

But as I expand the product, the price will go up.
And here's the kicker: As an owner of the beta version
you'll get ALL the upgrades FREE!

How much? Just click on the button and find out...

CLICK HERE for Your Hard Drive Cash Manual

What if you don't like it? Just send me an email at
elisabethhelp@gmail.com and you'll get a full refund
(but of course, that'll be the end of the upgrades).